Sunday, March 25, 2007

Liver Transplantation for Hepatitis C Patients

When Hepatitis C sufferers have exhausted all traditional and alternative forms of treatment, a liver transplant is typically the only remaining option. Transplant recipients are filled with a sense of hopefulness and usually become more optimistic about fighting liver disease. The promise of a healthy liver encourages them to persevere through treatment and therapy.

However, recent studies have now introduced that a new liver doesn't necessarily equal a fresh start. Since Hepatitis C is a reoccurring virus that may emerge even in the new, healthy liver, many researchers suggest early therapy to aid in the prevention of re-infection. Studies have been conducted documenting the fluctuation of viral load in transplant recipients, as well as the rate of re-infection in post transplant patients. They've found that in most cases, post-transplant patients are prone to rapid reproduction of the virus.

While traditional Western medicine can provide much needed liver support, supplementing those treatments with alternative therapies greatly increases the degree of protection. In addition to antiviral therapy, scientific studies have demonstrated milk thistle's ability to protect liver cells from damage and actually help to regenerate healthy liver cells.

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By Nicole Cutler
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