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Hepatitis C and Colloidal Silver

Hepatitis C is one of the most common forms of hepatitis, that is infectious and blood-borne disease in nature. Hepatotropic virus is considered as the main factor that causes hepatitis C. Though inflammation caused by hepatotropic virus is asymptomatic during early infection stage, it could lead to serious complications like liver cancer and cirrhosis.

Early stage of Hepatitis C is characterized by symptoms like loss of appetite, other symptoms (similar to that of flu symptoms), abdominal pain and fatigue. One may experience symptoms like joint pain, muscle pain, itching, depression, sleep disturbances, low fever, nausea, headaches, dyspepsia, mood swings, cognitive changes etc (apart from the symptoms observed in initial stage) in advanced stage of hepatitis C infection.

It is evident from the above that viral infection of the disease is main cause behind occurrence of hepatitis C. Once the diagnosis of hepatitis C is ascertained through blood tests, your health care provider will determine a line of treatment best suitable for you.

Liquid dietary supplement like colloidal silver is recommended by many physicians as complementary therapy in treatment of hepatitis C. Silver is in use since ancient times for treating various infections diseases, especially diseases caused by bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. Colloidal silver is known for its anti-virus proprietary.

Let me tell you that colloidal silver is not a medication for hepatitis C infection and other diseases. However, use of colloidal silver can help you in regulating hormonal imbalances and restrict the growth/affects of viruses that can cause hepatitis C infection. Like other topical creams and anti-biotic creams (who boast of eliminating bacteria totally) can not remove the viruses totally.

Colloidal silver supplement contains microscopic silver particles electrically charged in distilled water. There are no known side effects produced by colloidal silver as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is prepared through non-chemical method.

Silver particles in colloidal silver products inhibit the cell metabolism and destroy the viruses responsible for hepatitis C. Silver particles not only destroy the viruses but also curtail reproduction of viruses and prevent the infection.

Some researches proved that colloidal silver is helpful in enhancing body immune system and regulating hormonal levels. These properties, accompanied with ‘virus killing’ property, makes colloidal silver one of the best complementary therapies as part of hepatitis C treatment.

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